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Dedicated DevOps Teams

Focus on business and have the DevOps and Cloud related tasks done by professionals.

A dedicated team adds more value with:
Self-management and process setup
Requirement gathering and project documentation
Project scope, budget and schedule control, risk management
Quality assurance and testing
Team health care, onboarding and knowledge transfer
Continuous delivery and DevSecOps

Unite IT provides our partners with full access to high-qualified pre-formed, self-managed teams that take complete responsibility for every aspect of the DevOps process.

Hiring a dedicated team is so much more than IT staff augmentation. The dedicated DevOps team can cover a wide variety of services, such as DevOps Architecture development, CI/CD Pipeline setup,  DevSecOps integration, automated testing, and all the Scripting and Support involved in managing the DevOps services, and of course, project management. Built according to your project needs, your dedicated team consists of a Project Manager or a Scrum Master, DevOps Engineers, and DevOps/Cloud Architect.

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