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Dedicated Development Center

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A dedicated development center with a personalized approach
Custom-tailored conditions
Dedicated infrastructure and secure facilities
Special InfoSec requirements
Ultimate transparency and flexibility
Delivery management and supervision
Personnel onboarding and advanced training
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A Simple Solution:
1. Contact Unite IT
2. Sign the Contract
3. Accelerate Speed-to-Market

When your business is growing, and you need a lot of software development experts for large and complex projects, an offshore development center is an excellent solution. It is challenging to combine different software development teams, working on various projects and complex services, including DevOps. Moreover, it becomes almost impossible when you deal with sensitive data, for example in the medical, financial, etc. fields.

And of course, don’t forget about the costs and complications of hiring qualified personnel. Unite IT can help you handle all these challenges. For more than 6 years, we have provided dedicated offshore development center services for our partners from the Australia, USA and UK, reducing their development costs, ensuring delivery guarantees, and building relationships that last.

The offshore dedicated development center is a 100% personalized solution. One size does not fit all. Unite IT experts can study your requirements carefully and take account of informational and physical security, legal and financial guarantees, software development and business process, and more. We can ensure sustainable and consistent delivery by operating our development centers in APAC region including India and fuelled by a core team of 50+ highly-qualified engineers.

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